Dear You,

Somewhere it says that men are supposed to seek after women. I think that’s why guys ask girls out on dates, and why guys ask girls for their numbers – not the other way around. It’s funny to hear women saying that they’re looking for the “man of their dreams,” when really, we, as women, are not supposed to be looking anywhere. If we’re not in the right spot when our guy is looking for us, then we’re going to miss out and be “Boo-less” (without a Boo).

In my own life, anytime I went looking for love, I never found it. Instead, I almost always got my heart broken or ended up doing something I had no business doing. It was only when I was still that he came to me.  Notice I said, “he came to me.” I wasn’t looking; he was. It started out completely platonic. I actually had no interest in him whatsoever, but he had seen from a distance the intentions of my heart, (and by that, I mean that he saw me just being me) and he pursued me.

I really think God has a sense of humor, because in our situation, God used my fiance to witness to someone who hurt me, relieve anger from my heart and introduce us to each other – all in about a week. And while the situation was far less than ideal, He was conditioning me for my husband, and conditioning my husband for me.

The things we go through in life all have relevance, and they will all come back to us at some point in time. Mistakes that I’ve made in the past are bright red stop signs for me now. Do I have a few bruises? Yes. Would I make the same mistake again? No, but I also don’t regret some of the places I’ve been.  Why? Because without those things of the past, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Don’t get me wrong, the past does come up and does hurt in our relationship sometimes, but without our pasts we wouldn’t have a FUTURE with each other.

It doesn’t always seem like God’s plan is our plan, and it isn’t always fun being on the path that He puts us on. But you are where you are for a reason. You just might not find out why for a while, and when you do, you might not like the reason why. But it is all intentional. Trust Him.

If you are where He planned for you to be, things will happen according to HIS plan – not yours. Sit tight, ladies, your Forever-Friend will find you. Patience is a virtue!

Places, everyone!