Dear You,

We were talking about careers in journalism in my Mass Media class and this question was posed: “Do we really need journalists anymore since anyone can write ‘news’ on the Internet?”

I guess that would depend on your definition of news and your ability to decipher credible information from an eccentric rant. Now more than ever it is crucial for journalists to recognize and live up to the responsibility they have as conduits of truth for the public. The average Joe Schmoe’t going to know how to correctly interview subjects, properly use AP style, site appropriately or distinguish between hard news and editorializing. As great as citizen journalism is, I think it’s important that professionals do their job.

As we get more and more dependent on online journalism for it’s ease of access, I think that there is something about having an actual newspaper in hand that people won’t easily let go of. The world is becoming digitized, and I think people will want to hold on to the age-old custom  of reading a paper, not a computer screen, to get news.

There’s something to say for online journalism, don’t get me wrong. It’s amazing, convenient and useful to have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, but there will always be room for print and a NEED for real journalists.

Don’t start excavating yet!