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Dear You,

Some college journalism/liberal arts and science students incorrectly assume that Career Centers at their universities can’t help them.

Though, yes, it is true that business and engineering students may have an easier time of finding organizations that fit their interest recruiting at career fairs, with a little research and perserverance, J-school and liberal arts students can have the same success.

I have attended Career Showcase, the CRC’s semesterly career fair, each year I’ve attended UF. Though my experience was more as an observer as a freshman, it has given me good practice interviewing with employers, learning professionalism and navigating the fair, which has made my experience as a senior more fruitful.

With each passing semester, my resume has improved and lengthened, and visits to the CRC for resume critiques, employer mock interviews and discussions with advisers has worked to my advantage. 

For students not sold on a career in the field of journalism or undecided about what to do after graduating, the key to finding something you’ll excel in and selling yourself to employers is transferable skills. They know that you can probably write well or speak well, but how does that help them?

Can you manage content on a Web site? Do you have management experience or professional experience? Can you speak well in front of people? Are you familiar with social networking/new media tools? Are you proficient in Adobe products – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator? Are you amiable, easy to work with?

What do you bring to the table?

I knew walking on the UF campus that I didn’t want to work in the field of journalism, but I also knew I wanted to apply the technical skills I learned in the College of Journalism and Communications in my career somehow.

To supplement my academic curriculum, I took courses in education, participated in leadership and extracurricular activities and got meaningful, professional experience through part-time employment at the Career Resource Center.

Unlike most part-time jobs  on campus, I got the opportunity to do real work – developing content, organizing campaigns and working directly with full-time staff members. I’ve done a little bit of everything – management, content development, editing and design. 

Over the past three years, I’ve been encouraged to take initiative in my position, increased my responsibilities and been promoted from intern to PR specialist – all while working with professionals who were able to assist me through all phases of the career-decision making process.

And with time, I’ve realized that the skill sets I’ve developed and used in public relations can be applied to management, human resources, community relations and other fields. 

My resume and interviews reflect that and showcase the projects I’ve worked on, technical skills I’ve utilized and skill sets I’ve developed.

I’m not majoring in business, but I have a diverse collegiate experience an unique abilities, which set me apart from my peers.

Don’t be discouraged and think you’re not recruitable if you’re not graduating from a business college. Walk into your career center and learn how to spruce up your resume to best reflect you and what you’re capable of. Take advantage of opportunities to network with employers – ask questions and find out what they’re looking for in their candidates. J-schoolers, you know how to write, so present a flawlessly edited resume and cover letter. Present yourself well.

Career Centers are probably the most untapped resources on college campuses today. Take the time to do a little research, ask questions and invest in your future.

If you don’t, why would anyone else want to?


To view profiles of students of various majors who have had success utilizing the Career Resource Center at the University of Florida, click here.


Dear You,

I came across an interesting blog post noted on Twitter earlier today with recommendations for college grads hoping to enter the workforce.

I thought it would be useful to pass along – from David Griner, a social media strategist for Luckie & Companie. Thanks to Heather Huhuman for the tweet. Check it out, here.

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